Previous Events

Here's a breakdown of some of the previous events that we have run!

Bergs 'n' Burgs

Bergs 'N' Burgs was a super fun one round Berg-only tournament!

This tournament took place in July of 2023 in beautiful Almonte, Ontario!

This tournament featured a delicious burger lunch and a ton of Berg only side events. This included a Berg putting competition, Big Berg distance, a CTP, and a Ring of Ice(Berg). We also had a huge raffle with tons of awesome prizes.

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Countdown to liftoff

Countdown to Liftoff was a series of glow events in the Fall of 2023.

This took place on a custom layout at the Kanata course in Ottawa. We played 7 nights of glow counting down to the Space Race. We had 2 doubles nights that resulted in some -18 scores! On the final night we played a super tricky version of the layout with Bermuda Triangle hazards and tight islands.

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MVP Space Race

The Space Race in November of 2023!

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2022 Events

Our first events were in 2022. We hosted a league night in UPI and a couple glow nights at Kanata.

The league night at UPI was 8 nights and was the first PDGA sanctioned league night to run in Ottawa proper!

We ran 3 glow nights in 2022, finishing with the "Big Fun Chilly Glow Night". It was a great introduction to glow, and paved the way for better glow nights in the future!

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